Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Things We Let Slip Loose

Following my little epiphany about the baton drop of laughter on my part, I was reminded late last night, and again this morning, of something that my husband used to do at the beginning of our relationship that I loved the most. One of the things that had impressed me so much, when we began to ease from friendship into love, was how well he could read my emotions on my face. He could do this so well, that he was most adept at calling me out for my "Mona Lisa smile", as he termed it. I think he felt very proud of times when he caught me smiling on the inside, and he could tell by the most tiny and subtle change to the lines of my mouth. That's when I knew that he really saw me. It was one of my favorite things he did.

Lately, he doesn't seem able to read my facial expressions accurately at all, often misconstruing looks of concern as anger, or looks of soft forgiveness as sharp rebuke. It's very confusing to me. And I can't even remember the last time he said something to me about my "Mona Lisa smile" for him, although I know I still do it at times.

My point here being, besides reminiscence, that I think we all run the risk of letting things slip away from us that helped cement our relationships. Not just between lovers, but friends as well. So maybe, take a moment and think about some little things, some little ways of being, that maybe, maybe, you've let slip away from you in regards to those you love. Try to pick them up again. Rub the dust off of them and I guarantee you will find they are just as comfortable and comforting as they were in the beginning. But maybe, now, they will be a little more precious.

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