Monday, October 22, 2012

What dreams may come...

I have very strange, very lucid dreams, quite often. Sometimes I write them down because they're just so weird.

Last night I dreamed that I had the tip of my middle finger cut off and in their haste to staunch the blood flow, someone took the tip of a man's finger (I don't know where this fresh finger tip came from - simultaneous accident?) and placed it on the stub of my missing finger-end. Well, apparently I was a very fast healer because my skin and nerves and stuff grew together with this manly end-finger. I was very upset about it, mainly because it was much larger and hairier than my normal fingertip. The whole dream was basically a quest to find the man who had my fingertip on his middle finger, so we could, ostensibly, swap them back to their correct hands. I believe there were carnival rides and gypsies involved. Lots of darkness with bright lights.

And people wonder why I wake up in weird moods sometimes.