Monday, August 7, 2017

We have your dreams for sale.

I want to get a really good planner that I can draw and scribble and notate in, much like I used to do on my wall calendars, back in the day.

I need to commit to some patterns, with the leeway for some sideways motion. I like structure, I just don't like unyielding structure. Structure, like most other things in my life, must exist in the gray matter between life's black and white absolutes. My Bug is about to enter Kindergarten, my Boo is more independent (although still insistent that my presence is mostly necessary), and my HMLA has his new job, so I can, in theory, come home to write on my lunch hour, since I already come home to bask in the silence and do dishes and laundry if there are any to get ahead with. School is steadily progressing and I am in my last term of foundational courses; after this term it's psych courses all day, e'ryday, beginning with neuropsychology(!). I need my writing, though. It's one of the last few things I need to make room for in this rehabilitation and renovation of our lives together. We made it through the fire, and much like a burnt lawn, we're growing up greener for it.