Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Mammaw has passed away. I now have no grandparents left.

Everytime we came to visit we would walk through the door, and she would turn around from whatever she was doing in the kitchen and smile this huge, brilliant smile and exclaim "Hey, Darling!".

I don't feel like writing. I just thought I should document this. Goodnight.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Here we are now, entertain us.

My friends and acquaintances and I are a strange crew, in most people's eyes. We were almost all metal/goth/punk/hippie kids and we almost all still have piercings, colored hair, tattoos, creative hairstyles, and wear a lot of the same clothes we did as teens. Yet here we are, bringing our children into the library storytimes, doing mommy-and-gymnastics or yoga classes, taking our children to girl and boy scout meetings, watching daughters practice their cheerleading routines or parade around in their princess dresses, encouraging them at sports events, etc.
My point is, not everyone raises their child to be who or what they are. A lot of us raise our children to be the people they choose to be. No matter what the surface looks like. It's very liberating and honestly...quite humorous. The parent/child couplings produce some very striking counterpoints, in the best way.
Happy Sunday.